Kiko Hernández breaks up with Belén Rodríguez forever: “That lady is not going to hurt me anymore”

If there was any hope of reconciliation between Belen Rodriguez y Kiko Hernandez After his controversial disagreement over a loan, the former great brother himself has taken it upon himself to blow up that possibility and, according to him, forever.

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Kiko did not like the statements of his already examined friend in an interview that he gave to the Master Joao: “I believe in justice, if you act well, life has to give it back to you at some point.”

In addition, Belén explained that if she were an Egyptian goddess, more than one could already run away: “Imagine if she had that power, no one would be left alive.” Although master Joao explained this Saturday in the Deluxe that everything was recorded before his ‘war’, Hernández took it for granted.

“I will never ever look Belén Rodríguez in the face, ever. Whoever betrays you once can do it to you again. This lady will never hurt me in my life. I feel sorry for her, in addition to the 20 years of friendship, I’m sorry to have put you in my house and that you have met my two little people … it disgusts me,” he said.

The media fight between them broke out when it was learned that the journalist, after lending 100,000 euros to Kiko in 2017He commented in the Mediaset environment that he had his doubts about whether he would get the money back. In addition, problems with other colleagues and friends came to light, such as carmen borrego, Terelu Campos o Jorge Javier Vazquez.