Kiko Hernández and Patricia Ledesma pose together 20 years after their romance (and war)

They say the past always comes back and Kiko Hernandez you can attest to that. 20 years after their intense love-hate story, the former big brother has been reunited with Patricia Ledesmahis reality show partner and only known girlfriend.

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Ledesma reappeared in Save me and talked about how is his current relationship with the talk show host. “I haven’t seen him physically for ten years, but Instagram found us again. We have a fluid relationship and we talked recently,” she revealed.

The mystery that surrounds Hernández’s sentimental life and his alleged homosexuality has also been the subject of debate on many occasions. The most recent, some photographs published by a magazine in which Kiko and his friend Fran Antón appear that gave rise to some media insinuating that they have something more than a friendship. However, he has actively and passively denied that they are together in a romantic way.

About this, Patricia also spoke on the set of the Telecinco program: “I think you don’t listen to him. When Kiko directly says no, it means no. If it were yes, I think I would say that I wouldn’t talk about it. But no There is one thing in the world that I would like more than for Kiko to be happy.”

Patricia and Kiko starred in the first quilt and the first hour without cameras in the Guadalix de la Sierra house in 2002. That moment became one of the most talked about plots on television that year. Everything seemed to be going great between the two until they left the house and declared war, media speaking. A battle in which he was also involved, Encarni ManfrediLedesma’s mother.

all Save me wanted to know what happened between them and why they decided to break up, however, the former contestant of GH It wasn’t very clear: “I didn’t know how to answer you today. We left the house and I made a decision to go to Seville and I think that decision was the end of the couple.” In addition, she confessed that she does not like her confrontations to be remembered: “Conflicts, fights have always been valued and there was much more than all that.”

This Friday, both have shared a photograph together that has not left anyone indifferent. “And 20 years later…it feels like we’re 20 years younger,” they wrote on Instagram.

Ledesma is currently married to Robert Zapataa businessman in the real estate sector, with whom he started dating in 2007 and they have two children in common, Roberto y Cayetana. Kiko, for his part, is the father of April y Jimena. The little ones were born in the United States by surrogacy in 2017.