Kiko Hernández, after the surrogacy of Ana Obregón: “Alessandro Lequio asked me for information”

At the same time as the first words of Ana Obregon on their social networks, surprising information has arrived from Kiko Hernandez. The collaborator has explained in Save me what Alessandro Lequio, through a person, contacted him to request information about surrogacy. The speaker resorted to this method, illegal in our country, to have his twins April y Jimenawho are already six years old.

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The tertullian has assured that Lequio asked him for this information less than a month after the death of the young man Aless Lequio in May 2020: “Alessandro Lequio asked me for information and it seemed too intimate to tell it. Alessandro Lequio not only contacts me but also helps Ana Obregón with all the management. The decision is made just when his son dies ” , has explained. And he added: “I think Alessandro Lequio has supported Ana at all times. I think they will have discussed it and will have told her whether or not she is the best option.”

Kiko has also given his opinion on the matter: “Three or four weeks after the death of the child, you cannot start looking for the possibility of a surrogate pregnancy. It seems to me that the process has not gone well, it is my opinion”.

And he has ruled: “If the mourning has not gone well, I think there are people who can have a child die and their resource is to have another child. If this has helped her to survive… If not Ana, the same is not was here. The pain has been channeled by having this other daughter. And I think it’s not a bad thing to say.”

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The life of the main character Ana and the 7 He turned around as a result of the cancer that his biological son, Alessandro Lequio, was diagnosed with in 2018. In May 2020, life dealt him the biggest blow: the death of the young entrepreneur at the age of 27 from Ewing’s sarcoma. Three years later he has surprised us with this decision. Meanwhile, he also mourned the death of his mother in May 2021 and his father in September of last year. His decision has reopened a great debate: that of the morality of surrogates. Surrogacy is illegal in our country, which is why the presenter has moved to Miami.