Key days for Daniel Sancho in Thailand before his father’s possible visit next week

Daniel Sancho He is waiting for the Thai Prosecutor’s Office to finish evaluating the police investigation report to send an indictment to the magistrate and for him to set the date on which the trial will be held in the Asian country. This Tuesday, October 17, the extension ended, but the Prosecutor’s Office has requested that it be extended for another twelve days to finish issuing its report. Meanwhile, from Spain, the legal representatives of the 29-year-old chef are working on his defense, analyzing all the details of the case in detail.

Your Spanish lawyer, the media Marcos García Montes, will visit him next week in Koh Samui prison, as Ángela Portero announced this Monday on Telecinco. The journalist has also dropped that Rodolfo Sancho He could also fly with him: “I have not been able to confirm if he is going with his father,” he explained.

At the end of August, Daniel received a visit from his father in Thailand for the first time. On this occasion, the protagonist of Isabel y The Ministry of Time He also traveled accompanied by García Montes. After visiting him up to three times, the actor returned to Spain with his wife, Xenia Tostadoand his little daughter, Jimena. Then, she also decided to dispense with the services of the Thai lawyer who was in charge of defending his son, Khun Anano. The family is already working on finding a new lawyer for the Asian country. Daniel especially trusts his father for this work.

Sancho Gracia’s grandson confessed to having murdered Colombian doctor Edwin Arrieta in a hotel on the island of Koh Phangan on August 2. He could even face a possible death penalty. To avoid the maximum sentence, his defense will try to demonstrate before the Thai justice system that the murder was not premeditated. To this end, the Balfagón-Chippirrás office has worked on a report that can turn the case around.