Kawhi Leonard wins the duel of stars to Luka Doncic and breaks the Mavericks streak

  • The Clippers beat the Mavericks by a tight 107-110
  • 36 points and 11 rebounds for the power forward of the Angelina franchise
  • Doncic brushes the 'triple-double': 36 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists
Photo: Reuters

The forward Kawhi Leonard achieved a 'double-double' of 36 points and 11 rebounds that left him at the head of the Los Angeles Clippers attack, which imposed visitors by 107-110 to Dallas Mavericks, who broke a streak of four wins in a row

Leonard, who also won the individual duel to Slovenian base Luka Doncic, was always responsible for having the Clippers in front of the scoreboard and also secured the victory when after two shooting failures of former Real Madrid player in the absence of 7, 4 seconds to the end captured the defensive rebound.

The Clippers franchise player forced the Latvian power forward Kristaps Porzingis, who returned with the Mavericks after being injured due to injury for several weeks, needed him personally and with six seconds to blow the horn he scored the two goals that secured the victory of the angelino team with partial 105-110. Although Doncic then scored a suspension shot, it only served to reduce the Clippers' lead in the final score to three.

The victory allowed the Clippers (31-13) to achieve the fourth in a row that consolidates them in second place in the Pacific Division and the Western Conference. The guard Landry Shamet had 18 goals, with five triples, including the two he got in the final stretch of the game, and that made the deference in favor of the Clippers.

Another escort, the reserve Lou Williams finished as the sixth player of the team to score 16 points, captured five rebounds and distributed four assists. While the pivot Montrezl Harrell was also decisive in the inner game of the Clippers when leaving the bench and achieving 12 goals with nine rebounds and recovered two balls to complete the four players of the Angelian team that finished the game with two-digit numbers.

Doncic, the edge of the 'triple-double'

Again, for the Mavericks (27-16), Luka Doncic ended up as the undisputed individual leader by staying at the gates of what would have been his thirteenth 'triple-double' of the season, but his 36 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists, this time were not enough to avoid defeat.

Although if he was responsible for trying the comeback of the Mavericks after having gone to rest with 11 points of disadvantage (49-60), he scored 24 goals in the second half, but in the end he was cut after the two decisive personnel shots failed.

Together with Doncic, forward-guard Tim Hardaway contributed 13 points as a second top scorer and veteran Serbian centerman Boban Marjanovic, who came out of reserve emerged as the sixth player to get 12 points, captured seven rebounds and put two blocks.

Marjanovic's work was important after the starting power forward, the Canadian Dwight Powell, at the end of the first quarter, fell to the floor during a contactless play and injured his right Achilles tendon. Powell finished with a point in nine minutes of play.

Porzingis showed the lack of shooting that he lacks after losing 10 competition matches due to problems in his right knee and in the 27 minutes he played he could barely get 10 points after failing 13 of the 17 shots he made to the basket.