Kate Middleton turns 42: the brand image of a princess that has captivated people

Kate Middleton turns 42 this Tuesday, January 9. Mother of three children (including the future king), Princess of Wales and heir to the throne alongside William, first in the line of succession, Kate has consolidated her public role and her role in The Firm. The princess enjoys high popularity ratings, an image reputational highly esteemed thanks to her solo agenda, focused on childhood, education, the mental health of children and women.

His big project last year was to launch Shaping us, a mega campaign about positive emotions in children: “About how the experiences and relationships during our early childhood shape our entire lives,” in Kate's words. This birthday, just released in 2024, is promising. As a woman of the 21st century, she projects a modern image of the Crown, transmits security and confidence. Also, the proximity. It is her brand image.

He demonstrated his strength after having suffered a smear campaign through accusations of racist overtones in the book Endgameof Omid Scobie. The authora writer friend of Meghan Markle, drew a partisan portrait of William and Charles III facing a power struggle. In that scene he included the princess and placed her in front of the American actress. He painted Kate as a “cold” woman, who “ignored” the interpreter's calls for help when she disembarked in Buckingham. Wow, he didn't pay attention to her. In addition, the author slipped that the heir's wife showed some concern on her day about what the skin color of Archie, Harry and Meghan's son, would be like when the American actress was pregnant. It was the worst moment for Carlos's daughter-in-law.

The power of silence

According to the author, Kate “shivers” just hearing Meghan Markle's name mentioned. However, the Princess of Wales has learned to manage the powerful culture of silence that Elizabeth II imposed and that still persists in the palace. Silence makes the princess strong. Some British media maintain that Kate wins over her sister-in-law because, to begin with, Charles III has already chosen. He prefers Kate to Meghan. This is like this: she is her heir along with her husband and one day they will reach the Throne. When that moment occurs, the actress must bow to her future queen and also to William.