Kate Middleton subscribes to the purple tailored suit: her freshest smile at the Charles III post party

Details of Charles III’s birthday party come to light, which this Tuesday, November 14, blew out 75 candles. Windsor Conclave at Clarence House, London. His son Guillermo and his wife, Kate, attended the private event in an aqua green dress studded with paillettes, from Needle & Thread, a clothing brand. ultrafemeninas. “Dressed to impress”, slide Daily Mail. The princes of Wales left the palace in their car after eleven at night. Also in attendance were Zara Tindall and her husband Mike, Princess Beatrice, daughter of Andrew, among other guests. He post party It arrived for Kate this Wednesday morning. The princess had an event, alone, to which she attended dressed in purple. A head-to-toe monochromatic option that Queen Elizabeth II loved. Kate has presented her campaign Shaping Us, which began to take shape this year. It is the cornerstone of his work focused on childhood. Through this initiative, Kate highlights the importance of training in the first years of children’s lives.

More details about Charles III’s birthday party. The phone call between his prodigal son, Harry, who lives in Montecito (Los Angeles), with his wife Meghan Markle and his two children, according to the newspaper. The duke’s congratulations were the best gift for the monarch. This is what the newspaper that mentions BBC sources reveals. The anecdote goes further, since the King also received congratulations from his daughter-in-law, Meghan, according to information from The Sun. This call marks the first telephone contact between father and son in six months. Pay attention to how strained the family relationship is. By the way, the British press points out that the monarch does not have a mobile phone, so the conversation took place through a landline.

There was a crossroads of contradictions in the run-up to Carlos’s party. While some media mentioned that Harry had declined to travel to London to pull his father’s ears, others pointed out that the duke had not been invited.