Kate Middleton reappears with her three children and breaks her silence: “Thank you for your support”

Kate Middleton has reappeared. The first image of her and the first words from her in two months arrive on Mother’s Day, which for the British is this Sunday, March 10. The celebration of Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom had to come for Kate Middleton to finally break her disturbing silence.

At the end of January the Princess of Wales was hospitalized after having undergone abdominal surgery, and except for the image of the car that we showed last week with her mother, who was driving the vehicle, she had not appeared in public again. Prince William’s wife was discharged and returned to her home to recover with her family.

The mysterious absence of explanations about the nature of the illness of Charles III’s daughter-in-law has contributed to fueling the mystery surrounding the figure of the future queen of England.

But the celebration of Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom has been the perfect excuse for those responsible for communications at Clarence House, or perhaps Her Majesty’s government itself, to rectify and finally, Kate Middleton has broken that silence and invisibility which had raised all kinds of speculation.

Through her social networks, she has shared a recent photograph taken by Prince William himself in which we see her. sitting on a chair, dressed in blue jeans and jacket. Harry’s sister-in-law appears with a good face, made up and smiling. Her children, without a doubt the most important people in her life, are next to her. Prince George, behind her, puts his arms around his mother’s neck. Princess Charlotte poses to the left of her and little Louis appears to the right of her. Kate wraps her arms around the waists of the little ones, all smiling and happy in front of the camera.

“Thank you for your kind wishes and continued support over the past two months”

“Thank you for your kind wishes and continued support over the last two months,” wrote Kate Middleton, a phrase she signed with the initial of her name (Ctalina). These are the princess’s first words in more than two months. The response from her admirers has not been long in coming. The publication has received hundreds of thousands of likes and a torrent of comments showing support for the future queen.

Kate, yes, appears seated; this detail has been interpreted by some as indicating that the princess is still not feeling well and that her recovery is not yet over.

Buckingham has also shared a 1985 photo of Charles of England with Queen Elizabeth II, to commemorate Mother’s Day. In the image, the then Prince of Wales is seen kissing the monarch’s hand after a polo match. “I wish all mothers, and those who miss their mothers today, a peaceful Mother’s Sunday,” reads the published message.