Kate Middleton hid her health problems from those around her: the reasons behind her silence

Kate Middleton She is still convalescing at The London Clinic after undergoing abdominal surgery, the nature of which has not been confirmed. Neither the Royal House nor the press have revealed details about the entry of the Princess of Wales, so the British people are still waiting to learn new details from Kensington Palace, which in a statement issued on January 17 conveyed wife's desire William of Wales to “maintain as much normality as possible for their children and that their medical information remains private.” So much so that not even those closest to him knew what he was going through.

People reported this Friday that very few people from the princess's hard core knew that she was going to undergo “abdominal surgery”, and it is most likely that this silence was due, following the line of Kensington's writing, to the need to remain calm. Also to prevent any type of leak until you can officially communicate about your medical condition. Other sensational media, such as Page Six, The New York Post o Fox News They maintain this theory.

At the moment, there are no paparazzi or photographer teams at the doors of the hospital where the daughter-in-law of Carlos III remains hospitalized. He has only revealed an image of the heir arriving at the hospital to take care of his wife, as confirmed in a photograph published on January 18. Guillermo has cleared all of his schedule commitments to take care of his wife and his three children, George.Charlotte and Louis.

The princess could be discharged next Tuesday the 30th, date that would correspond to the period of two weeks of admission, according to the statement. Thereafter, she will return to her home at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. A small, discreet four-bedroom residence situated near Windsor Castle in Berkshire.

While waiting for that new update regarding Kate's surgery, another medical wait is added: the king's operation Charles III, 75 years old, who will undergo prostate surgery. An operation that will take place in the next few hours.