Karim Benzema, accused by French Minister Darmanin of helping a Muslim terrorist organization

The religious and geopolitical conflict in Gaza has generated a knock-on effect for all displaced Israelis and Palestinians scattered around the world. France, which has suffered several attacks in the name of Allah in recent days, is one of the hot spots and the Minister of the Interior has added fuel to the fire with these statements: “Mr. Karim Benzema has notorious ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

It was this Tuesday during an interview with CNews. The politician has pointed out Benzema (of Algerian descent and current star of the Saudi league) after a message from the footballer on social networks supporting the inhabitants of Gaza: “All our prayers for the inhabitants of Gaza, who are once again victims of these unjust bombings that spare neither women nor children.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the most influential groups in the Arab world and in France they are considered a terrorist organization. Among their bases, resistance to British colonialism stands out and they are presented as an alternative to the materialist and individualist culture of the West. Its purpose is to spread Islamic laws and principles throughout the world.

France now finds itself in a very delicate situation. With a high rate of Muslim inhabitants, it has suffered several bomb warnings in recent days that have forced the closure of the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre museum and Lyon station. Last Friday, a terrorist murdered a teacher with a knife and injured three other people at the Arras Lyceum shouting “Allah is great.” During the first four days of war in Gaza, the Ministry of the Interior counted more than a hundred violent actions, from the desecration of graves to the physical persecution of Jews. In Paris and other provincial capitals they are in a state of police alarm.

The footballer, who began his career at Olympique Lyonnais and established himself at Real Madrid, has not responded to the minister’s accusation at the moment. At the beginning of the summer he signed for Al Ittihad and settled in Saudi Arabia: “Saudi Arabia is different from Europe. I had already been to Saudi Arabia and I feel good. Especially because it is a Muslim country and how can I say it… it’s nice “For me it is where I want to be because it is important for me to be in a Muslim country. Here I feel better and in my place.”