Kahlenberg tests positive for coronavirus and 'puts' 17 people in quarantine

Among the 10 coronavirus positives diagnosed in Denmark is former soccer player Thomas Kahlenberg. The player of Brondby, Auxerre and Wolfsburg among others contracted the virus in Amsterdam, according to the Danish press, and has 'forced' to put several people in quarantine with whom he had contact when he came to see the Brondby-Lyngby before know that he was a carrier of Covid-19.

As reported in Denmark, up to 17 people would be in quarantine for having had contact with Kahlenberg. Among them there would be four players, one from the Brondby and three from the Lyngby: Patrick da Silva, Joel Kabongo, Martin Ornskov and Kasper Jorgensen. The yellow club said its CEO, Ole Palma, was also among those affected.

From the Brondby they have requested all those who have had contact with the former soccer player to notify the Danish health authorities to try to prevent the spread of the virus. In Denmark there are ten confirmed cases of which nine are still active and one has recovered. There is still no regret for any deceased in the Nordic country.