Juventus quarantines 121 people

“I'm fine, don't worry,” said the player, “I only invite you to respect the rules.” Bianconero Rugani was the first Serie A footballer to suffer from the new disease (today it was learned that Gabbiadini from Sampdoria also tested positive), and he did not suffer any particular symptoms: on Tuesday he suffered from a fever and, as a precaution, the doctors submitted the test, which was positive. Rugani isolated himself in the J-Hotel, the structure where the youth gatherings take place, and he will stay there for 14 days: some of his colleagues decided to follow him, others will be with their families.

Cristiano will follow the sanitary measures from Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo will continue in Madeira, where he was to visit his mother, and will stay there until the team can train again. All the players will undergo the coronavirus test, and Juve put a total of 121 people in quarantine, including managers and employees. President Andrea Agnelli himself is isolated at his home, and with a video on Twitter he announced a fundraiser for health structures in the Piedmont region.

At best, Vecchia Signora will return to work on March 25, after the 14 days of mandatory isolation, like Inter, its latest rival in the Italian league, whose players will be quarantined at home. April 4 is the date on which Series A should resume after the break due to the emergency: this is a very optimistic forecast, considering the desperate Italian situation.

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