Juventus hits Madrid by Pogba: ‘offer’ to United in sight!

Paul Pogba It will be one of the most coveted pieces in the summer transfer market. French midfielder ends contract June 30, 2021 with Manchester United and it does not seem very much for the work of renewing it, so its exit can be consummated definitely in the summer. ‘Girlfriends’ will not be missing ’.

The Gallic world camp already forced the machinery in June last year looking for a way out that it did not find, but it will repeat the formula again and this time the ‘red devils’ must ‘help’ so that it does not go free in 2021. Juventus and Real Madrid, not so much the club as its coach Zinedine Zidane, are the two favorites to be done with their services.

In fact, the 'Vecchia Signora ’ an offer is being raised at United from 150 million euros by the player, unredeemable amount considering that contract ends the following season. Although not everything is “clean” money for the coffers of the entity of Old Trafford. (The numbers dictate sentence: the data of Madrid with and without Marcelo)

As La Gazzetta dello Sport reveals, the Turin team would offer 50 million euros and the transfer of Ramsey and Rabiot, two of his r this season that have not finished booting and find their place in the new Sarri Juventus. The Madrid, with Zidane, is already pending movements by Pogba for the summer.