Juventus ‘cleans themselves’ and holds Luis Suárez responsible for the Italian exam

In Italy the issue of the citizenship test that Luis Suarez, already a soccer player
Atlético de Madrid
, had to pass to obtain the Italian passport, which was supposed to be a prerequisite to be able to sign for the Juventus.

The matter is being investigated by the authorities in case there had been some type of fraud in the citizenship test that the player had to pass in the Perugia State University. In these last weeks, audios between the Maurizio Oliviero, rector of the university and Fabio Paratici, sports director of the Juventus of Turin, which could imply that there was some kind of irregularity.

However, now the Juventus He ‘cleanses himself’ of this matter completely and assures that he had nothing to do with the organization of these tests, placing all the blame on the university and those responsible.

On the occasion of the shareholders' meeting, Andrea Agnelli, owner of the entity, underlined how Juventus is completely outside the organization of the Italian exam of Luis Suarez.

“We did not organize the exam you did Suarez“, He said Agnelli, responding to the shareholder Marco Bava before the meeting. “The Juventus It is totally unrelated to the facts, so there is no risk of being held liable in the matter. It was the player who moved independently and organized to carry out the test, “continued the billionaire.

In addition, he stressed that when the test was done, the 'Vecchia Signora'He had already told the footballer that he was falling from his plans. “However, we had already informed him that we were no longer interested in signing him. The lawyers of the Juventus were heard as witnesses by the prosecutor of Perugia and cleared up the complete strangeness of the Juventus”, He remarked.