Junior Eurovision 2023: schedule, where to watch the festival and everything you need to know about Sandra Valero, representative of Spain

The French city of Nice hosts this Sunday, November 26, the 21st edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest organized by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). TVE 1 will broadcast the contest starting at 4:00 p.m. with Sandra Valero as representative of Spain. The singer, who will perform in first position, will perform the song Loviu.

RTVE seeks to revalidate the top 10 it achieved in 2022 with Carlos Higes and the song Señorita. The one in Nice will be Spain’s fifth consecutive participation in Junior Eurovision after returning to the children’s festival with Melani García and Marte in 2019. So far, Spain has only taken the mini crystal microphone on one occasion; with María Isabel and hers Rather dead than simple.

Who is Sandra Valero?

RTVE selected Sandra Valero among more than a hundred candidates. She is from Valencia, she is twelve years old and she started singing when she was four. Her talent has led her to participate in the musical The bodyguard and in other television contests. Sandra Valero comes from a family closely linked to music; from her great-grandparents and her grandmother to her uncle and her father, the latter musicians and composers. She has published several of her own songs and has also participated in other talents on television such as Idol Kids y The voice Kids. He currently plays the role of Mowgli from The jungle book at a local theater company.

‘Loviu’, Spain’s song in Junior Eurovision

Sandra Valero will perform the song Jujior at Eurovision Loviu, a “happy and moving” song. Her international chorus, with a universal theme and messages, was one of the reasons that led the RTVE selection committee to choose this theme so that the artist can connect with audiences of different cultures and languages.

Con Loviu, Sandra Valero tells us “I love you” in five languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese. Her international chorus is undoubtedly one of the song’s strong points. The lyrics talk about Junior Eurovision’s own values; of friendship and how people are able to come together across different cultures and languages. Definitely, Loviu It is a song that invites you to dream and that transmits a universal message of unity and love with which Sandra intends to reach the hearts of all of Europe.

Among the composers of Loviu There is Luis Ramiro, a singer-songwriter and poet with an outstanding career that includes 7 albums and 4 published books. He has collaborated with artists such as Luis Eduardo Aute, Conchita, Marwán, Pedro Guerra or Ismael Serrano.

Also included is Diego Cantero, known as Funambulista, who has an extensive career in Spanish pop with 8 albums published and collaborations with artists of the stature of Malú, Pastora Soler and Raphael. Alejandro Martínez is a composer, pianist and professor of music and language and literature. In composition he has worked with Raphael, Rozalén, Pastora Soler, Sergio Dalma and Funambulista, among others, and has published 5 albums with his own songs.

The production of Loviu has been in charge of David Parejo, who has worked with artists such as Sergio Dalma, Soraya Arnelas, Azúcar Moreno or Melody.