Junco no longer happens to the Pantojas: “Anabel lies, her mother did me no favors”

The disagreement between the widow of Bernardo and the Pantoja worsens. After Anabel’s intervention this Wednesday in Save me to clarify some information published these days, Rush has sent a blunt statement: “I have never been evil despite the fact that there are people who may think otherwise.”

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The Japanese designer and bailaora has pointed out: “I ask for respect for myself, I have a legitimate right to express myself clearly and I don’t have to lie”. A direct message to Anabel and also for One Piwho denied some of Junco’s first statements, such as that he had had a run-in with Isabel Pantoja at the hospital.

Bernardo’s widow, who has been receiving threatening messages and calls for days, continues: “I ask the people who are bothering me to stop doing it because nothing will redirect my path to the truth”. And he adds: “And I want to clarify that my name is Junko, and its meaning is authentic, pure and obedient. This is how I have been with Bernardo when we were the best of friends, companions, couples and marriage until death separated us.”

In addition, Junco has completed these words with some messages to José Antonio León, to whom he has requested: “Please, I want you to say that Anabel is lying, that Merchi found a man and she asked Bernardo for a divorce so she could marry him. Her mother did me no favors, she wanted a divorce to marry another man,” he said, responding to the pantojita’s allusions: “Junco is my father’s wife because my mother arranged the divorce so that she would have a paguita” .