The Japanese bailaora and designer has spent almost two decades taking care of Bernardo Pantoja from a discreet background but now, three days after his death, he has decided to speak. Rush She wants to clarify some of the information that has been published this weekend about the family’s rebuffs at the hospital and the funeral home and confirms that, indeed, she will lose the house she shared with her husband now that he is no longer here.

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the stepmother of Anabel Pantoja He has spoken with José Antonio León, who has advanced some details of the interview: “I asked him 22 questions and he answered everything.” For example, that no one kicked her out of the room where her husband was dying, but they did “invite her to leave because she was very nervous.” And a headline stands out: “Someone told him ‘You’re leaving that house and when I change the lock, you don’t take a single pin with you'”. The journalist did not want to reveal the author of these words but his colleagues have assumed that he is behind Isabel Pantoja. They affirm that both Anabel and her mother, Merchi, have given Junco her place as a widow these days, not the singer, of whom the Japanese will speak at length this Tuesday.

The one who has also spoken this Monday is Merciwho has denied that her daughter took a Bernardo medal from Junco in the hospital: “I had kept that medal for 20 years and I took it out to give it to my daughter when her father died. What I don’t know is who has told that lie, because at that moment only my daughter, Junco and I were in the room”.

Anabel, for her part, stays out of the controversy and has only spoken to say goodbye to her father with a photograph and a nice text message: “I love your sense of humor and how affectionate you were with everyone. Your princess loves you and tomorrow if a grandson arrives, she will know how cool her grandfather Bernardo was (…) Now it’s time to continue and think about everything we experienced, thank you for bringing me into the world and being able to be your daughter ” .