Julio José Jr. celebrates 50 and does not stop: the darts against Vargas Llosa and Iñigo Onieva

He blew out the candles on February 25, but it was this Thursday when he gathered friends and family in Madrid to celebrate half a century in style. Of course, free, because as she already announced Informalia for the first time, the venue has given her dinner and the party in exchange for publicity. That’s why, Julio Jose has attended the media and has earned a place in the digital launched various pullitas against Inigo Onieva y Mario Vargas Llosa.

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He has done it with the sympathy and education that characterizes him, but he has not cut a hair when asked what he thought of the public relations that is going to marry his sister Tamara next July 8: “Who has to like it is her”, I have answered. A very vague answer to address the one who will be her brother-in-law and the one who not long ago (when she was unfaithful to the Marquise de Griñón in front of all of Spain) said: “My sister deserves another type of man, who is up to her in terms of sentiments and kindness. This had better happen before the wedding.”

Neither has Mario Vargas Llosa been spared, who has starred in Villameona’s second great break in 2022. After eight years, the Nobel e Isabella Preysler they ended their relationship: “My mother is very well, the break with Mario did not surprise me because relationships begin and end. When two people are not well, it is best to separate,” he said. “I don’t know if he has behaved well or badly with my mother, but my parents have a very nice, very respectful relationship, and if he (Julio Iglesias) has come out to defend her from Vargas Llosa, it’s for a reason”. Again!

Controversies aside, Julio José was very excited about this new stage that he is facing with his girlfriend, Live by Dominic: “We have been together for eight months and we are very well, very happy.” Of course, nothing at all about a wedding: “But I just got divorced!”, She said. “What I do want is to have children now. I don’t want it to happen to me like my grandfather, who had them at 80.”