Julio José Iglesias’ ex accuses him of being unfaithful: “We argued and a week later he appeared with the other”

Live Di Domenico (30) had been in a sentimental relationship for a year and a half with Julio Jose Iglesias (50) when the news of their breakup broke. Only two months later, the son of Isabel Preysler has publicly declared his love for Ariadna Romero and the Italian model has taken a step forward to put the dots on the i’s: “We had a very strong fight, I left home and a A week later they sent me the pictures of him with this girl.”

Vivi is very hurt and has recounted how everything happened: “We had had other but normal arguments, as a couple. This was very strong, because I got sick and he went to a party. I didn’t understand it, I thought he would stay to take care of me, to pamper myself… I got very angry and went to Mexico to be with my family and my friends. I thought he would come for me, that we would talk and we would solve it. I was very sad,” he told Antena 3 this Friday.

However, Julio José already had other plans: “They sent me some images in which he appeared with this girl at the exit of a restaurant, holding hands. They were taken a week after I left his house,” has counted. “And that’s all. We didn’t get to talk about what happened. He hasn’t given me any explanations, he hasn’t apologized or said goodbye. Nothing.”

Vivi, whom Tamara Falcó’s brother presented as a ghost (with a sheet included) in a publicity event, affirms that her love story with Julio “was very beautiful” and is very sad about its abrupt ending: ” I haven’t even been able to say goodbye to her family. I miss her parents, who treated me phenomenally, Ana Boyer’s children, with whom I got along very well… I’m very sorry.”