Julio Iglesias remembers Hey, the dog whose name was his song of spite towards Isabel: “Going around life”

Julio Iglesias He has been especially excited this weekend as he looks back and remembers his greatest successes in the world of music. In his last post, the interpreter of I am a scoundrel, I am a lord He also remembers a pet that especially marked his life. So much so that, coincidence or not, his name reminds us in some way of Isabel Preysler for a more than curious reason.

Going around life And at the time when I recorded my albums in 5 different languages ​​and it drove me almost crazy, the great luck was that I was always surrounded by great poets in Brazil, Italy, France, England, Portugal and also in Germany. Poets who, in a very personal way, made all the songs I wrote with Ramón Arcusa with Rafael Ferro better and the ones I wrote alone,” he wrote this Sunday along with the video in which he performs For heras he himself remembers, “the Portuguese version of my dear friend Fernando Adour.”

It is then that the artist is overcome with nostalgia: “Looking back a little at those years full of emotions, I came across this video that I didn't even rememberand that has the anecdote of having been recorded in my house in Miami, but what is special is that in the end I discover my dearest dog Heyan inseparable companion for many years of my life.” This is how Julio talks about what was his pet so many years later: “In this video he should be about 5 or 6 months old, and when I saw him I was very excited, he was my most beloved dog.“.

It must be remembered that precisely Hey is the name of one of his great heartbreak hits, that song that was interpreted as a dart to Isabel Preysler: “Hey! Don't go bragging around, saying that I can't be without you. What do you know about me? Hey!”, the song says. Curiously, both themes, Hey! y For herlaunched them in 1980. In 1978 he separated from the queen of hearts after saying “I do” in 1971. The last time the artist spoke about his ex was in the middle of a hurricane Mario Vargas Llosa. Then, surprisingly, he came to her defense and took her side after her breakup with the Nobel Prize in Literature at the end of 2022: “Two of her ex-husbands have died, who I am absolutely sure would have also defended her at this time. Always “You will have my support and my love.” And he added: “I know that I am going into overdrive and that this is not like me, but I want to do it for my ex-wife, for Isabel, because she deserves it and because it is deeply unfair how they are behaving towards her.”

The excitement of July

In his post, Enrique Iglesias' father concludes with a message of gratitude: “Instagram helps me stay in touch with you, and that you feel the gratitude that lasts for fifty-odd years in my life forever”.

The last years of the singer, who resides in Dominican Republic with Miranda Rynsburger (58), have been marked by their great secrecy and by constant rumors about their state of health. On some occasions he has come to deny them through his Instagram account, where two months ago he gave thanks for the congratulations on his 80th birthday: “Starting with King Juan Carlos, presidents, artists, athletes … I have seen my children cry and my entire family get emotional with me for so many displays of affection.“.

The truth is that he frequently feels melancholy, which makes him share deep reflections: “The feeling has no age. A very strong kiss for everyone”wrote the interpreter of I forgot to live a little over a month ago in another post.