Julián Muñoz, without strength in his voice, says he wants to “be calm”: maximum concern for his health

Maximum concern for the health of Julian Muñoz, 76 years old, former first mayor of Marbella and former Isabel Pantoja. His hospitalization due to complicated respiratory failure has kept us on alert for a week. After being discharged, his condition remains very delicate. After a few days of rest at his house, he responded to calls from the press. As reported on Telecinco, the family is preparing for the worst.

“Julián just picked up the phone. He is aware of everything,” said journalist Gema Fernández in This is life (Telecinco). At that moment, the reporter received a call on her cell phone. He was the former mayor of Marbella. “Julián, don’t worry, we were calling you because we said you were home, and we wanted to send you a kiss and a hug and wish you the best.” After several minutes of conversation, Gema returned to the set to reveal that Muñoz did not want to talk to the media. “He told me that he is no one for us to worry about; and that he appreciates it and that he is trying to recover with his family”. Also that he wants to “be calm” and that he doesn’t want to be a “protagonist.” Gema has detailed that, because of her voice, she lacked strength and that he spoke “very slowly.” The former first mayor has told him that “he is dedicated to his family, and his family is dedicated to him.”

After his hospitalization, neither his ex-wife, Mayte Zaldívar, nor his daughters, Elia and Eloisa, have been separated from him, who continues the treatment he requires at home. It was last March 21 when he emerged through information from Pepe del Real in We’ll see that Isabel Pantoja’s ex had been admitted to the hospital for 15 days. Muñoz, who has type 1 diabetes, has several cardiovascular problems.