Julián Muñoz and Mayte Zaldívar have secretly married: all the details

They signed their divorce in 2007 and it was, of course, not a gentle separation. Julian Muñoz He had left everything, his wife and his daughters, for Isabel Pantojay Mayte Zaldivar A media tour was marked with which he left no stone unturned. But life takes many turns and now, 17 years after that bitter stage for both of them, they walk arm in arm through the streets of Marbella, where they have become family again. Last January, in addition, the former mayor of Marbella and the mother of his daughters took a definitive step: becoming husband and wife again.

José Antonio León announced it in Friday. With the marriage certificate in hand, the journalist stated that Mayte Zaldívar and Julián Muñoz are, once again, a married couple. They signed it last January 30th ante notary even though the ‘girlfriend’ didn’t want to confirm it just a week ago, when she sat down on the show. “Many things go to the notary, a will, a life certificate… I have gone to the notary many times and what I do I do not do to tell outside”she said mysteriously.

Zaldívar then told what the family and personal situation is like for Julián Muñoz who, at 76 years old, suffers from “galloping cancer.” “He doesn’t want to die because he says he is in one of his best stages. He forgot about his family, but he never lost them. He is taking advantage of the last seconds. There are days that are difficult because he has strong treatment”, said. Despite the bad times, Mayte decided to forget everything and forgive to move forward: “He is the father of my daughters, he has been a strong pillar in my life. We have shared many good things and we have to remember that. Not the bad ones,” he assured. Something he thanks her for every day: “He doesn’t stop asking for forgiveness because he hasn’t forgiven himself. He regrets what he did every day.”

Mayte, along with the two daughters they have in common, Elia and Heloise, have become the three fundamental pillars for the former mayor. They take care of him, they protect him, they accompany him, they encourage him… And he wanted to thank the first for his dedication with this last gesture: a marriage. Thus Zaldívar, who has a relationship of almost two decades with Fernando, will be able to collect a widow’s pension when Julián is gone.