Julián Contreras: “My brother Fran vetoed me to work on TV and in many production companies”

The youngest son of Carmina Ordóñez He sat down this Friday on the Santi Acosta and Bea Archidona program to respond to his brother Fran Rivera. He soon learned of the exclusive that he granted this week and in which he described the bullfighter as “sexist, classist, self-conscious” and “a mediocre intellectual.” Julian Contreras He continues his line of speech: “My brother only cares about money.”

He is aware that the right-hander assumed many family expenses once he triumphed in the arena but, far from being grateful, he assures: “I know who paid for my school because my brother took it upon himself to repeat it to me many times. When I left school, he called me and said 'You could have told me earlier and we would have saved school.'” Despite the fact that Fran made him several loans (which he did not return and which he used to start two businesses that failed ), he highlights: “I always wanted to work in this world and my brother vetoed me from many production companies. He despises all this and everyone who dedicates themselves to this”. Ángela Portero, among other collaborators, have reminded her of her numerous interviews in the prime-time of Telecinco and its participation in realities as Big Brother: “I will not give names, I do not have the speaker and the machinery that the other has.“, he responded, infuriating those present.

To explain the estrangement with her siblings, she has gone back to 2004: “My mother wakes up in a very bad condition one day and we took her to the hospital. The doctor tells me 'I don't know how she is alive, but this way she has little left.' The intervention must be immediate.' She did not want to be admitted. That day we met at home and had a conversation. Fran said that he was fed up and that he is not going to collaborate anymore. That's where it all started.” The relationship began to crack: “Later we resumed contact, with its ups and downs, and the total breakup was Cayetano's wedding. “I felt badly treated, no one came to talk to me,” she recalled. A week later, she went to Sálvame Deluxe to tell the story.

“What Fran has said is uncertain and harmful”

Julián explained that he contacted Cayetano a little over a year ago: “When Covid happened, I called Cayetano and told him that the whole situation had made me reflect and that we could try to resume the relationship.” Of course, he left Fran out of the equation. About him he assures: “The relationship broke down due to an economic issue, on his part, not mine. He says that I disappeared and I must be from the Mossad because he couldn't find me anymore?”

Now, Carmina Ordóñez's son is very hurt: “I haven't seen Fran's interview but everyone called me to tell me what she said. It hurt me a lot and I didn't understand it at all. The story he told about my mother is not true and is harmful. My mother was not a drug addict, she had a problem with benzodiazepines. I do not agree with either the content or the content. The first thing surprises me is seeing it here when they have reproached me for telling my life story.”