Julián Contreras admits that he has not paid the rent on his house for two years: “It happens to a lot of people”

After starring in the last confrontation with his brother Frank Rivera, whom he called “sexist, self-conscious and mediocre intellectual”, Julián Contreras once again makes the headlines. This time, accused of not paying the rent on his house in the last two years. The son of the missing woman Carmina Ordóñez He admitted his debt this Monday: “It's something that happens to a lot of people, I'm not the only person who can't pay the rent and I feel bad for being in this situation.”

The 'coach', however, denies that the health problems of his landlord (who suffered a heart attack due to the stress that this situation generates, according to his version) were caused by him and is outraged that they have hung posters in the neighborhood, accusing him of being a defaulter: “He says that he does not understand that he is accused of his landlord's heart attack, of wallpapering his neighborhood, of appearing on television… That they say that he has not paid, but that he does not cause a heart attack someone,” she said through her friend Alexia Rivas.

Julián is very angry and his version of what happened is far from what the owners have offered: they claim that they had to request an eviction order last February to kick him out of the house. He says that he left the apartment voluntarily because he did not feel comfortable in that community. The tension has reached its maximum and Julián has sued the owners of the house for “harassment and coercion.”

The tertullians of We'll see have harshly criticized Fran Rivera's brother: “How many programs has Julián done in recent years? And he doesn't pay! If they leave my house unpaid for two years, I won't paper it, I'll leave here. “You have to be a scoundrel not to pay rent for two years.”said Antonio Rossi. “It is a shame that this guy does not pay, but that he takes advantage of a system that tolerates a tenant not paying his landlords, There are brazen people like this man who attack private property.“added Alessandro Lequio.