Julia Otero, without clothes and only with a towel in networks: the most unexpected image of the journalist

On social networks we are used to seeing our celebrities with photos of the most normal, of their day to day. Also posed with little clothing or in a bikini, and more now that the good weather arrives. However, there are personalities that we would never imagine showing this facet so natural and spontaneous.

Julia Otero She could fit into this group, since she is a very discreet professional and hardly uploads photos to networks that are not related to her work. However, the presenter has recorded a video for Tik Tok with Carolina Iglesiashis collaborator in TV daysand the result has been surprising.

The two appear in the dressing rooms of the public entity. Iglesias dressed in a black shirt and pants, while the Onda Cero announcer appears without clothes, covering herself only with a towel. Later, they show from the set the result of their passage through sheet metal and paint. With this video, Otero fired his program on the networks, which after thirteen weeks with insufficient audience results has finally been canceled by TVE.

The comment wall was filled with compliments: “Julia, you are getting better every day. You have come out better, if that was possible, from your personal journey. You are beautiful and you are lucid”, “How funny the video. I love it” or ” Julia Otero is the greatest,” wrote some of her followers, who number 155,000 on Instagram.

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At the end of 2022, the presenter spoke about how she is after her fight against cancer: “Today, not, but yesterday I won the lottery. My quarterly control went well. In March, the next one. My love and support to all cancer patients who are in the process of healing. It is not easy to live with that sword of Damocles, but it is possible. Of course it is possible. A hug to all. May Christmas be kind, pleasant and generous”.