Juan Ortega's 'father-in-law' explodes after two weeks in the eye of the hurricane: “It's all a lie”

Is called Miguel Angelhe's the father of Carmen Otte and has broken his silence this Tuesday to face all the information that has been leaked about his family since the bullfighter Juan Ortega He would practically plant his daughter at the altar. “Everything that is being told is a lie.”

The businessman categorically denies his alleged bad relationship with the right-hander, which many have pointed out as the main reason why Juan Ortega canceled the wedding. In TardeAr An alleged fight between them was even leaked in which Miguel Ángel reproached the bullfighter for having taken so long to ask his daughter to marry him: “You have already gotten what you wanted, let us get married when you wanted and how you wanted.” Ortega would have responded.

The Otte family is overcome by the situation: “Everything is very painful and we are not going to talk. Everything that is being told is a lie”the patriarch said in This is life, where they also assure that Miguel Ángel would have put the matter in the hands of his lawyers to take the pertinent legal actions. His wife, who is now one of Carmen's greatest supporters, commented: “We don't want to know anything about it. We have nothing more to say. Leave us alone.”

Some media outlets have published this Tuesday that Juan Ortega and Carmen Otte could be thinking about a reconciliation, but nothing could be further from the truth: “If she returns to him, the family will disinherit her,” the environment has said. Not only do they rule out a second chance, but they also affirm that the cardiologist has found a new apartment to live in Seville, far from the one where her fiancé was: “They had a brief communication this weekend about a house issue, nothing more.” .