Juan Ortega, located after the sit-in with his girlfriend: “He is not in Seville”

The 500 guests summoned for the bullfighter's wedding Juan Ortega and the young cardiologist Carmen Otte They were left wanting a banquet when, just half an hour before the ceremony, the groom left the bride standing at the altar. Since then, the whereabouts of the 33-year-old bullfighter were unknown.

However, this Thursday it was revealed. As Kike Calleja revealed in VAV, the right-hander “is not in Seville” and is taking refuge in the province of Guadalajara, specifically in the municipality of Checa, in his parents' house. The town barely has a population of 278 inhabitants. It is the place he has chosen to disconnect from the world, from the media hurricane that is mounting around him and his non-wedding.

Meanwhile, there is talk of a possible second chance with Otte. “They love each other very much. When things calm down, they will come back,” say friends of both. “Juan has already returned the gifts and the bank transfers. They tell me that he had already expressed his doubts to the bride. She wanted a more intimate and family wedding, he invited more people because of the engagements. They tell me that the figure of his father-in-law has influenced him a lot,” Calleja also explained.

In this sense, it is worth remembering the WhatsApp conversation that Ortega had with his father-in-law just a month before the wedding: “You won't love my daughter so much when it took you so long to ask her to marry him,” the father said. “But if you have gotten what you wanted, let's get married when you want and how you want,” the groom responded.