Juan Ortega, 'in retirement' after leaving Carmen Otte at the altar: this is his whereabouts

Three weeks have already passed since the famous 'runaway boyfriend'. What was going to be a nice link between Juan Ortega y Carmen Otte, ended with the cardiologist alone in front of the altar. After the fatal outcome, where there were nearly 500 guests as witnesses, the whereabouts of the right-hander comes to light to face these delicate moments.

As the journalist has stated Monika Verga in Fiesta, the bullfighter has been in Porto Alto, Portugal since last December 13. “He has been in Portugal since last December 13, which is when he managed to give us the slip and leave the country,” he revealed.

Likewise, the collaborator of the aforementioned space has stated that Juan Ortega is on a farm belonging to a close friend of his, who is a rancher. In his peculiar zone of disconnection, the right-hander is training, since he is expected to return to the ring on February 11.

“There are many expectations about him. He has changed countries so as not to be aware of the media. He does not watch TV or have a telephone. His rancher friend has given him the protection he needs,” they have detailed from Telecinco.