Juan del Val, invited to Juan Ortega's frustrated wedding, tells how he experienced the bullfighter's 'shock': “I empathize a lot with the bride”

Jerez de la Frontera. A ceremony valued at 70,000 euros, with nearly 500 guests… and a groom on the run. The 'fright' of the bullfighter Juan Ortega this weekend a few hours before saying 'yes, I want' with Carmen Otte Alba It has been one of the topics that have grabbed the headlines of the social chronicle these days -behind, of course, the death of the talented and beloved Concha Velasco-. The writer Juan del Val He experienced first-hand the right-handed man's crack on the verge of passing through the altar, and upon his return from Andalusia he recounted his experience.

The author of novels like Candela o Delparaiso He was shocked when he found out that the link had been cancelled. “They tell us that they have doubts,” The writer advanced this Sunday in the program hosted by his wife, Nuria Roca. It came to the guests that the right-hander did not look prepared for the ceremony. In the words of Del Val, “I didn't want to take that step.” It was the father of the bride and the best man who was in charge of announcing the bullfighter's decision.

The bride, who was already dressed and made up for the occasion, since the news was known an hour before she had to formalize her marriage in the church of Santiago, was devastated. All the guests wondered how she was doing. “I empathize a lot with the girlfriend. It's an enormously hard situation,” explained Del Val, who is a friend of the right-hander. “No one understands her [la situación]he is an enormously upright guy.” In his words, Ortega's “time management” was “horrible.”

For now, Carmen Otte is taking refuge in her family, while Ortega, who is also looking for peace of mind, has restricted comments on his Instagram posts. In addition to the fact that his escape from his wedding is on everyone's lips, it is the guests at his wedding themselves, including his friends and what was going to be his in-laws, who are very upset by the decision he has made.

The night before, Juan and Carmen gathered their closest family and friends at the Almocadén Wineries, a venue located in the heart of Jérez de la Frontera, where the wedding was scheduled to take place. The evening was filled with dancing and laughter and lasted until the early hours of the morning.

After canceling the wedding, the right-hander returned to Seville in his own car. Likewise, he settled in the house that he shares with Carmen in the Andalusian capital. The decision that Juan Ortega has made comes just two weeks after a serious attack that he suffered in the Ecuadorian plaza of Lacatunga, where he was bullfighting with Andrés Roca.