Juan de Val's resounding defense of Juan Ortega after rumors of infidelity to Carmen Otte: “He is a person who does not betray”

A week has passed since Juan Ortega's refusal to marry made headlines in the gossip press. By surprise and without prior notice, Carmen Otte She became the center of the target after the bullfighter left her standing at the altar a few hours before saying 'I do'. They had been in a relationship together for a decade and had given everything at the pre-wedding one day before the 'failed' marriage. Nobody expected that things could go wrong, not even Juan del Val, who came to Jerez de la Frontera as a guest and who, days later, defends the right-hander's decision.

Despite confessing to those around him that he had not done it “well,” Ortega is now waiting for the dust to calm down. However, the information does not stop and more and more details are coming to light about the reason that led the bullfighter to stand his girlfriend in front of the altar. Juan del Vala close friend of the bullfighter, has provided more news on the matter and has denied some information that has been circulating since last week.

The writer denied in La Roca the existence of a third person as the reason for the sit-in. “You can have more or less information, but I love it when you invent something with all your wits. It's brutal […]. It is a complete lie and no one has been able to prove it. How are there going to be third parties?”said the tertullian in The rock. This is because a few days ago it was claimed that the bullfighter had received a threat from a person from his past who had not yet left his life.

“A hugely coherent decision”

However, Berni Barrachinaone of the commentators on the La Sexta program, put Juan del Val between the ropes with the firm possibility that the bullfighter had hidden that information from him: “I don't know anything about life, I'm just saying that that's not true. “What has happened has to do with absolute coherence and Juan Ortega's way of being,” Val defended his close friend in the face of speculation about the existence of a third person.

Nuria Roca's husband also admitted that Ortega's decision came before the wedding day: “There is a reality that we do not know about when doubts arise, which, of course, were not from that same morning. I say that he is a person who does not betray himself in any aspect of life, and, therefore, has made an enormously coherent decision. He does not betray himself, he is honest with himself,” Del Val pointed out forcefully in his statement.