Juan Carlos I's plans to celebrate his birthday and his concern for Jaime del Burgo

On January 5 Juan Carlos de Borbón He will turn 86 and will celebrate it in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, where the king emeritus has resided for more than three years.

In a recent report, the journalist Pilar Eyre He assures that the former Spanish monarch is preparing a great party for this occasion, “with dozens of guests whom he calls personally and asks for discretion… and adds,” that the presence of politicians of the caliber of Felipe Gonzalez o writers like Vargas Llosa, who are followed by a long list of nobles, businessmen, hunters, bankers, journalists and soldiers,” adds Eyre.

This lavish celebration, the writer assures, will be destined to show her son Philip VIthat people from all social and political spheres support their former king, reviled on television sets and in the media for his economic affairs and his intimate life, at the same time that from the Zarzuela palace he is separated and he is humiliated.

This is the thesis of Pilar Eyre, a regular chronicler of the Royal Family, although we must not forget that in her column in the magazine Readings He flatly stated on several occasions that Don Juan Carlos would never set foot in Spain again after his departure and on another date he published in the same medium that the emeritus king was seriously ill and there were fears for his life. Both statements have been denied, as has been proven.

The same will happen with the news of the big birthday party on January 5. According to people very close to the previous head of state, the celebration will be limited to a dinner with some friends and family, as have been his previous celebrations since he lived outside of Spain. And not only does he not want or intend to provoke the king's son, but Don Juan Carlos is very concerned about the impact that the revelations of Jaime del Burgo, ex-husband of Telma Ortiz, about the alleged relationship he had with Joy before her engagement to Felipe de Borbón and that supposedly would have continued in some way after her wedding, having already become princess of Asturias