Juan Carlos I will visit Barcelona (for three reasons) before going to Sanxenxo next week

The father of Felipe VI He will leave Abu Dhabi for a few days, where he has lived for years, to participate with El Bribón in the regattas on April 19. But before traveling to Galicia he will pass through Barcelona where he lives his intimate Josep Cusí, the Catalan shipowner whom he met more than 40 years ago, when they both coincided in a hunt while the businessman was a clay pigeon shooting instructor Franco, role he played for 12 years. He King Juan Carlos, Four years younger than Cusí, he intends to see who is undoubtedly one of his most faithful friends. Cusí is recovering from a cerebrovascular problem that he suffered in January and speaks almost daily by phone with the Emeritus.

In the fall of 2017, days before the illegal referendum on October 1, Don Juan Carlos visited Cusí in the mansion that the owner owns in La Cerdanya. The Emeritus arrived by helicopter from Madrid. On that occasion the two friends spent the day walking through the valley, and ate in a restaurant in Baltarga.

His grandson also resides in Barcelona Pablo Urdangarin. A son was born there on December 6, 2000, the second of the children of the Infanta Cristina and her husband. The handball player, eighth in the line of succession to the throne, follows in the footsteps of his father and is part of Barça’s second team. Let’s remember that last year, on the previous and controversial trip to Pontevedra, the King attended a match of his grandson, who played in Galicia with his team.

Health reasons

Although we have not been able to confirm that Don Juan Carlos is going to undergo any check-up or treatment on this occasion, we must remember that the Catalan capital has traditionally been his most frequent health destination for almost the entire life of the former monarch.

Don Juan Carlos Barcelona has visited many times for health reasons. He has always gone to the Planas clinic, which was his reference health center for years. The former head of the sanatorium state only changed when Manuel Sánchez, one of the pioneers in anti-aging medicine, founded his own clinic and took his illustrious patient with him. Six years ago now, Dr. Sánchez founded his own center and in December 2019 we learned that the King was there.

Years ago, in 2010, also in Barcelona, ​​the emeritus underwent an intervention at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona at the hands of Dr. Laureano Molins for the removal of a nodule in the right lung, the study of which made it possible to rule out the existence of malignant cells. On September 30, Zarzuela certified that he had fully recovered.

In 2001 he also underwent surgery in the Catalan capital to remove varicose veins from his right leg at the Sant Josep clinic in Barcelona. Every year Don Juan Carlos visited that clinic for annual check-ups, many of them related to the urinary system.

After passing through Catalonia, the King will spend another four or five days in Spain. We already anticipated on February 21 that he has made the suit to sail: “His uniform will be here waiting for him, although when we see him thinner than a year ago we have asked him for his new measurements and it turns out that he has dropped a size”, they told us from Galicia .