Juan Carlos I, the star of Sanxenxo: how to reduce the information stress caused by his visit (and there are two)

It seeks to constrain the visit of Juan Carlos I to a private format marked by discretion. It is also about avoiding its overexposure in Sanxenxo, so that what happened last year does not happen. Perimetering your exhibition is like putting doors to the field because the interest in your person is of the highest level, it’s up to you. Because he is the former head of state and because of his indefinite absence.

his british diary non-stop (He has been seen at the super exclusive Oswald club, having dinner with some friends in the Mayfair neighborhood, and at the Stamford Bridge stadium) has only fueled media interest in the emeritus. From London to Vigo. When he landed in Galicia, after 1:30 p.m. this Wednesday, April 19, the expectation was already uncontainable.

For this reason, this low-profile visit to Spain was already a lost battle from minute one that the trip transcended. The Peinador airport in Vigo was full of television cameras prepared to record the moment in which the father of Felipe VI set foot on Spanish soil. 160 accredited media in the area. History repeats itself.

How can this alert be reduced, this informational stress that the emeritus arouses in Spain? First, normalizing your visits. If more comes, there are more images of him. If there are more photos, framed in privacy, your expectation is lowered.

The informational stress it generates is extremely high and will continue to be so for three reasons: because of who he is, living as an expatriate in Abu Dhabi, and because he steps on homeland once a year. The interest increases even more due to the controversy that his figure generates in the political debate. His complex relationship with Casa Real, which seems to each go his way, does not help. Nor does it help anything that the media do not have confirmations of his movements (especially if that movement is the already famous non-meeting with Carlos III, as he has confirmed The world). This increases speculation and further feeds the information interest in his person.