Juan Carlos I lands in Spain: fresh seafood from the estuary to celebrate his arrival

Start minute by minute Juan Carlos I in Spain. Landing time at the Peinador de Vigo airport: 1:38 p.m. this Wednesday, April 19. Private luxury jet with a cost of 9,000 euros per flight hour. The license plate read A6-RJC (King Juan Carlos). He has gone down alone, without help, down the ladder on the left side of the aircraft. Eight rungs. He was holding on to both railings. Behind him walked his assistant, who was carrying two small suitcases.

A Civil Guard device protected the exit of the emeritus. A Mercedes with tinted windows was waiting for him. The staff have welcomed you at the foot of the slopes. His friend Pedro Campos, as host, is going to welcome him into his house. To celebrate your arrival, fresh Galician seafood. A shipment from the Pontevedra estuary has been delivered to Campos’ home, as reported in it’s already noon.

The scenery is practically the same as last year. On this occasion we have seen him with a firmer step, descending alone from the plane. She wore a very casual look, with jeans.