Juan Carlos I, in ‘nautical mode’, embarks on the Bribón and goes on to talk about his return to Spain

In a very good mood, looking forward to getting back on his Bribón 500 and sailing at sea. Wearing a cap, nautical vest and a basic white long-sleeved shirt, Don Juan Carlos boarded at around 11:00 this morning, Monday, September 4. Since day 1 he has been on the British Isle of Wight, a world sailing event. He is accompanied by his daughter Elena, who is very close to him.

The Wight World Regatta Championship starts. A very sunny day on the English south coast, off the city of Southampton. This Monday the 4th the first regatta of the competition will be held and the king emeritus has been very punctual.

On the jetty of the port, he commented that there is a very good sea and “very good conditions to go out”. She has spoken for the microphones of the summer program, from Telecinco, from where they have tried to get him to say a word about his return to Spain and, specifically, about his return to Galicia. The last time he visited Sanxenxo, he slipped out that he planned to return “many times”.

On this occasion he has been elusive and has commented that today “is a day to talk about regattas”. More concise than last Friday, when he spontaneously launched one of the most anticipated headlines. The reporters asked him about his return to our country with the desire to stay and the father of Felipe VI said: “Sure.”

The world sailing championship of this emblematic island is held between the 4th and 9th of September. The King Emeritus, 85, has won this title twice. He will try to revalidate his title.