Juan Carlos I congratulated Carlos III by phone after his coronation: and that pending lunch, when?

It had been confirmed via agenda. The father of Felipe VI did not attend the festivities of the coronation of Charles III y Camilla. Neither the Buckingham preview reception nor the Westminster ceremony. Half the world was looking at London, which had become the media scene of the moment. Representatives of all the royal houses, presidents, prime ministers were congregated in the City. The Kings emeritus were missing. Don Juan Carlos I would have wanted to be, but could not be. Heads of state only. So he made a call to London.

The father of Felipe VI He called Carlos III by phone to congratulate him and wish him a happy reign, as well as to apologize for not having been present at the ceremony. publishes it The Digital Confidentialwhich also points out that both would have been to see each other in the near future and share that mythical lunch that could not be in April and about which so much has been written.

After the media tsunami

This call would also have occurred after the media tsunami on the alleged paternity of Juan Carlos I by Alejandra Rojas, a filiation that we deny from this digital, citing family sources and that later led to the denial of Alejandra herself, together with the statement of the emeritus, through the EFE Agency. “I absolutely deny having had any love affair with Mrs. Rosario Palacios (RIP) and consequently having had a daughter with her,” the former head of state pronounced emphatically. “The news that has been published has no foundation and causes almost irreparable damage to my entire family and of course to myself,” Alejandra declared.