Juan Carlos I and Infanta Elena, on their third day of racing: a warm hug and on different boats

The king emeritus Juan Carlos I and the Infanta Elena They are living some endearing days in Sanxenxo (Galicia) surrounded by their friends, as well as family members who have traveled to the north to meet him again. After a visit from his sister, Infanta Margaret of Bourbonand his nephews a few days ago, this Friday the Infanta Elena to accompany you in your love of regattas. This Sunday, father and daughter had a nice meeting at the Sanxenxo yacht club on their third day of sailing.

The emeritus, who arrived somewhat tired, sat on the railing. Minutes later, Infanta Elena appeared on the scene and she greeted her father with a warm hug.

After having a relaxed conversation with Infanta Elena, Juan Carlos I went down to the boat to enter the northern waters in a different boat from that of his daughter Doña Elena.

Evening on the high seas on the second day of racing

King Juan Carlos I and Infanta Elena lived a most exciting evening on the high seas. Father and daughter got on a boat with a crowd of people. Both seemed relaxed and very smiling, maintaining relaxed conversations.

After dinner, the ship arrived at port and, as we usually see in the images these days, King Juan Carlos left with the help of his trusted staff. However, after a few steps, he chose to take Infanta Elena’s arm and walk holding onto her. A gesture that demonstrates, once again, the special bond between father and daughter.