Juan Antonio Saavedra and Ager Solabarrieta lead the Spanish delegation at the Paralympic Shooting World Cup


Juan Antonio Saavedra and Ager Solabarrieta lead the Spanish delegation of seven athletes that will compete from this Friday until next September 29 in the World Shooting Championships for People with Disabilities held in Lima.

Together with Saavedra, from the Spanish Federation of Sports for People with Physical Disabilities (FEDFF) and double Paralympic medalist, and Solabarrieta, from the Spanish Federation of Sports for the Blind (FEDC), Fernando Michelena, Adrián Becker, Pedro will be in the Peruvian capital Gómez and Iñaki Oloriz, from the FEDDF, and Sonia Rivero, the FEDC.

The Galician shooter, from the SH1 class, faces this championship with the peace of mind of having already qualified for the Paris 2024 Games, so he will have less ‘pressure’ in the events he will compete in, R3-Rifle 10 meters prone and R6-Rifle 50 meter prone, the latter in which he won silver in London 2021 and bronze in Tokyo 2020. In addition, Saavedra was proclaimed continental runner-up last summer in Rotterdam (Netherlands) in the mixed 10 meter SH1 category.

In the SH2 class, reserved for those who do use support, the Basque Fernando Michelena will participate in search of a direct place for what would be his first Paralympic Games and who will participate in R4-Rifle 10 meters standing and R5-Rifle 10 meters prone.

For their part, Adrián Becker (SG-U class for shooters with arm disabilities), Pedro Gómez (SG-S for those who compete sitting) and Iñaki Oloriz (SG-L for those who have leg disabilities but can shoot standing) will aim to fight for medals since their skeet shooting events are not part of the Paralympic program,

In addition, there may also be podium options in the tests for athletes with visual disabilities (class SH-VI) where the Biscayan Ager Solabarrieta, current world champion in 10 meter standing rifle, where he won silver this summer in the European Championship, and Sonia Rivero from Malaga. Both will participate in 10 meter rifle lying down and 10 meter rifle standing accompanied by their guides Maite Badiola and Silvia Domínguez, respectively.