Jovic rolls it again by hanging a photo, injured, at a barbecue with friends

Jovic continues to give more than just talking off the field than on it. This Sunday the footballer has posted on his Instagram account a photograph of him seen at a barbecue with friends, with the protective splint on his foot. The striker is not doing anything illegal, since in phase 1 of the de-escalation, meetings of up to ten people are allowed in homes, although in the club he has felt very bad because of the awkwardness of making such a photograph public, standing about the injured area and without social distancing from friends (He goes out hugging one of them). The player deleted the photo shortly after uploading it, an unequivocal sign that from his surroundings or from the club they made him dissatisfied with his attitude.

The most recommended for such an injury is absolute rest. In addition, with the strict diet that players usually follow, it is not advisable to make such a meeting public. More than the seriousness of what happened, in Madrid it feels bad the little tact of uploading a photograph like this at a time when Jovic is the only injured on the squad. A mysterious injury that occurred during home confinement: an extra-articular fracture in the calcaneus bone of the right foot.

This controversy is one more to add to the list, especially in recent months. In the midst of a crisis over COVID-19, the Serb traveled to his country, something that bothered Madrid. Once there, he broke the rules of confinement. He was harshly criticized by the government and even the country's president, Aleksandar Vucic, directly warned him that if he returned from leaving his home in violation of orders, he would be arrested. The forward asked for forgiveness.

All these controversies would have been minimized if the player's performance on the field had been as expected. Instead of being like this, his performances so far are disappointing. Far removed from the striker for whom Madrid paid 60 million last summer after he scored 26 goals in 44 games in 2018-19 with Eintracht. At Madrid, at the moment, he only has two goals in 770 minutes. In recent months, he is adding a questionable capacity to see himself surrounded by controversy …