“Jovic is not 100% involved with the idea of ​​succeeding at Real Madrid”

Pedja Mijatovic He was in The spar de la Cadena SER as one of the authorized voices to analyze the hottest issues of todayl Real Madrid. The former Real Madrid player was also very critical of the first months of his compatriot Luka Jovic Furthermore, he sees Zidane's team “at a disadvantage” with the rest of the rivals due to having to play for Di Stéfano.

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Football returns: “Too long without football, hopefully it will never happen again”

Renovation Sergio Ramos: “It seems good to me to see Ramos many years here. The renewal year to year or two years is not important. It is necessary to refresh the memory because the Hierro, Raúl or Casillas exit left through the back door. Ramos, as a Spaniard, he has to retire at Real Madrid. I am always in favor of Ramos' renewal. It would be positive for everyone. He is a great footballer and the time has come for a Spanish player to finish his career at Real Madrid. “

Play at Di Stéfano: “It is the only option and we will have to accept it. It will be a disadvantage for the Real Madrid players but they will have to get used to it. The opposing teams will have a small advantage, the Bernabéu will impose more even if it is empty. It impresses a lot. It will be a little weird. “

Jovic: “Persolnamente I would have liked to talk about him for scoring goals. He is young and has come here with a good cache after a good year at Eintracht. He has not caught the trick and we have not seen much, just details that do not serve to To say that he is a Real Madrid player. He himself seems not to be one hundred percent involved with the idea of ​​succeeding at Real Madrid. “

Transfer it to Jovic ?: “Of course some solution has to be found. Maybe it's counterproductive that I'm here like this.”

Karanka's words about Mourinho and the Champions: “Throughout these years, all the coaches have a little bit of blame, although the most Zidane. Mourinho has done a great job and I know what he is like as a coach. But we cannot compare ourselves with the coach who has achieved three consecutive ones, Zidane “

Pineapple Ramos photo: “I know from good sources that Real Madrid is motivated and focused on winning the league. They are plotting to win. And also convinced that they can qualify for the Champions League quarterfinals.”