Jota Peleteiro declares war on Jessica Bueno: the photo that changes everything after her divorce

To everyone’s surprise Jota Peleteiro announced at the end of November, unilaterally and with a brief message published on his social networks, his separation from jessica bueno after almost a decade together and two children together.

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Since then, collaborators of different television programs have ensured that the irruption last summer into the life of the ex-soccer player of an Ibizan waitress named Miriam Cruzwith whom he would already live in Bilbao, would be the reason for the separation of the mother of her children.

Now, Jota has shared with all his Instagram followers an image that has led to doubts about the real reason for their breakup. In the image in question appears the ex of Kiko Rivera sitting next to another man, whom Peleteiro refers to as ‘El Divildos’, at a restaurant table.

“How was the phrase? Does time put everything in its place, Jessica?”, he writes next to the image and adds “well, yes, the truth is that yes.” “As the Divildos has an eye. It doesn’t fail. Now I’m going to have to keep two palanquins”, she complains. With these words, it seems that Jota wants to show that the real reason for her divorce is not the one we knew up to now and that, perhaps, ‘El Divildos’ has something to do with it.