Joselu: “Ancelotti has always been very direct with me, I am very happy with what I am playing”


Real Madrid forward Joselu Mato is clear that he is “very happy” with what he is “playing and contributing” this season for the Madrid team and believes that his coach, Carlo Ancelotti, “has always been very direct and very sincere” with the.

“I am very happy with what I am playing and contributing, what I want is to continue contributing and giving solutions to moments that the coach in this case needs me. In the end, we know the quality that there is in this squad and it is clear that I came to help as much as possible and to contribute what I have learned in recent years,” said Joselu in ‘El Partidazo’ on the COPE network.

The attacker stressed that he had “the opportunity” to play more with Vinícius Jr’s injury and that Carlo Ancelotti “trusted” him. “I think I have responded quite well by scoring goals and giving the team points and that is what I want to contribute day by day,” he was honest.

“Ancelotti with me has always been very direct and very sincere since the day I arrived. In the end, I am very happy because I am always an option in the changes he has. When a player has not been there he has always counted on me, so I only have words of gratitude,” he expressed about his relationship with the Italian coach.

The Real Madrid striker made it clear that “hopefully” he can stay “another year” at the club and “continue enjoying”, although it is the decision of the “presi” and the coach if in the end a signing arrives at the top like Kylian Mbappé or Erling Haaland. “In the end I know the role I can contribute to the club and what I can contribute to a squad. Even if another striker comes, I think not all teams have a profile like mine and it is very different from everything else out there,” he warned.

In this sense, if he continues and no one is signed, he is not worried about taking the number ‘9’ that has remained vacant at the end of this season after the departure of Karim Benzema. “I already said on the day of my presentation that my dream was to play for Real Madrid since I was little and I never gave importance to the number. I think that being among the 25 numbers in the first team of Real Madrid for me is the most that exists in the world of football and I hope that next year I can wear even the 25th because it would mean that I will be here again,” he confessed.

Joselu has scored five goals for Real Madrid, a figure that currently leaves him “happy.” “If I make 18 (at the end of the season) it’s a pretty good number,” added the international, who last year signed 17 with Espanyol and who said that Jude Bellingham, despite being a midfielder, “can go from 22, 23 , easy”.

He also praised Vinícius Jr, whom he sees with “conditions that make him very decisive in a match.” “When he is focused and with the fuse on there is no one who can stop him and we have seen it these last few days. People said that he did not score goals and he has scored three in the last two games, in the end he is a player who will surely end up scoring 17, 18, 19 goals for sure,” he declared.

“It’s not that he doesn’t want to, it’s true that he prefers to start from other positions, but we have seen the class of player that is everything he can contribute to our team and above all, everything he has been giving in recent days,” he replied. from another player on the offensive front like Rodrygo Goes, who has acknowledged that he does not like playing as ‘9’ as much.


Asked about the Turkish player Arda Güler, who has been injured again, he recalled that he came to the merengue team “very young” and that he had the “bad luck” of having a “quite complicated” injury after the operation. “He has incredible conditions and in training he has a lot of quality. You also have to have a lot of patience with him, but I think he is a player for the future who is going to give a lot of things to Real Madrid and that the club is doing things very well with him taking care of him and telling him to be calm, that he will end up recovering and that he will enjoy the Bernabéu, all his fans and everything,” he remarked.

On the other hand, Joselu celebrated that the team is currently “winning.” “And that is important in football. Nowadays, playing well and winning is done by few teams. It is clear that Girona is playing a good game and is winning, and we have played very good games and we have won, and we have done bad games and we have won,” he noted, highlighting that the football of the Madrid team and that of FC Barcelona “are different” and that although the current champion “in the last few games is suffering a lot, it is also achieving victories.”

Finally, Joselu referred to Gerard Piqué’s words saying that Real Madrid’s last victory in the Champions League would not be in the fan’s memory. “Well, if that one is not remembered, I don’t know which one is going to be remembered. I think it is a title that will never be forgotten in life, but because of everything that happened and that from a football perspective it was crazy,” said the forward, who He does not know the reason for those words from the former player. “Because he is from Barça and he will be envious,” he concluded.