José Pablo López, former number 2 of TVE and Moncloa bully, shows his face for Belén Esteban

Without a doubt, José Pablo López, dressed as Donald Duck (that is, with only a sailor blouse), appeared in prime time on TVE’s La 1, dancing with Belén Esteban dressed as Daisy, and with Taylor Swift singing their backup vocals. , live, the main channel of the public channel would acquire the desired relevance defended by the former general director of Content of the public Corporation.

But of course, with this reasoning by reduction to the absurd, two unassailable arguments become clear, one of them (that not just anything is valid), valid for all networks and the other, especially important for a network with a budget that, in the end After all, all taxpayers pay, and therefore it must be limited and with perfectly established priorities.

That is to say, it is not that a public television station cannot bring its cast of collaborators to Belén Esteban, the question is whether, with a limited budget, and of all the functions of a public channel, hiring the Princess should be among the priorities. of the People above other options. Among other reasons, almost obvious, because these types of programs are (free for taxpayers) on private channels.

The same reasoning is valid for other offers in which RTVE spends money, such as the very expensive (and failed) gossip program that Jordi González presents with Anne Igartiburu, with Terelu Campos as star, which costs three times as much as its predecessor (the classic Heart) and marks lower audience data not only than the network average but also below the (already poor) objective set by those responsible for TVE. In other words, the argument of relevance does not work because the vast majority of viewers reject the offer and the argument of the content that public television should prioritize does not work.

It is one thing for Marc Giró to take Belén Esteban to his late show on La 2 as a guest and without charging, and another to pay Andreíta’s mother a salary with public money or turn her into an icon of the House. José Pablo López, former Content Director of RTVE, confronted its president, Elena Sánchez, for this and other reasons. We already previewed in this digital the fight that these two had when number one vetoed number 2’s decision to take Jesulín de Ubrique’s ex to that disastrous dance contest presented by Anne Igartiburu that they had to change places a hundred thousand times because It failed at all times.

The former number 2 of the chain actually acted as a boss of Moncloa and José Miguel Contreras, the executive arm of the Government on public TV, while also being the big boss of Prisa and the group’s production company, whose billings so far sells to TVE increases as much as the manipulation and the scandalous level of nepotism, with programs like that of Cintora, that of Julia Otero and others that are also produced by Prisa partners with the last name Entrecanales.