José Mercé remembers Curro, his son who died at the age of 14: “He is always with us at home”

the singer Jose Merce He has dedicated a song to his son Curro, who passed away 29 years ago. The artist opened up on the channel this Saturday and talked about the loss of a son and confessed that he always has him in mind.

Curro has not been here for almost three decades. But each and every day of his life, José Mercé remembers his son, who died of a congenital heart disease. He was only 14 years old and the man from Jerez now pays homage to the teenager with the song titled What never leaves never disappears.

Born in Jerez de la Frontera on April 19, 1955, his real name is José Soto Soto and he comes from a famous family of gypsy singers: “My parents were hard workers, working from sunrise to sunset, illiterate and they had the balls to raise to five children, to give them studies, that their children were not illiterate and did not have to be lying in the fields,” he said.

José Mercé recalled how he met the love of his life; his wife. In 1968 he decided to move to Madrid when he was only 13 years old, and in the capital he would change his life forever. There he met what would be his great love, Mercedes Garcia. “We met at the age of 13 and I’ve been with her my whole life. Everything I am I owe to her. We say to each other every day ‘I love you.’ When you reach certain ages, the passion is different, but it’s more beautiful”, revealed the cantaor with a happy face.

“Those we love never leave. I always say that what never leaves never disappears. It is a phrase that I always carry with me and that I have been able to capture on a record dedicating that song to my son Curro, who is now going to do 29 years old, on March 30”, says the artist.

Jose Merce it was very emotional. “He is always with us at home. I have my daughters, my granddaughters, my family, and Curro is always with us,” he repeated before Paz Padilla. “You have to accept it and live with it, it’s not the same as forgetting,” he added. But he has one consolation: he believes in life after death. Paz Padilla, moved, Mercé confessed to him: “Do you know what my dream is? When I miss them so much I say: ‘Will you come looking for me?’ Afterward, José and Paz reflected on eternal life and their beliefs.

José Mercé, who turns 68 in two weeks, is the same age as Ana Obregón, and is one of the few who can come close to understanding a tragedy like the one experienced by the actress. The man from Jerez, who suffered the loss of a son, is a reference artist beyond our borders. His music goes further than that of other great singers and reaches audiences that don’t usually listen to flamenco. “If I feel happy about something, it’s because people love me. They see me on the street, they greet me, they hug me. That fills me with health and life,” he said this Saturday.

“My greatest regret is that my parents have not experienced the great moments of my profession,” he said almost with tears in his eyes. “The people we love never leave. You live with that, it’s not the same, but you must continue living with hope. I am one of those who believe that this is a step, that there is life above,” she repeated.