José Mari: “We want to leave Cádiz where it deserves, in the First Division”

the captain of the Cadiz, José Marispoke to the media prior to the duel against Deportivo Alaves next Sunday from 8:00 p.m. This is the last bullet for the Cadiz team to try to achieve the objective of remaining in the First Division and the midfielder showed his optimism and invited the fans to keep their hopes alive until the last breath.

Photo by Jose Mari

Cadiz Shield/Flag

Good sensations. “We have been playing finals for a long time, a long time with a very good performance. The path of the last few days has been very good, with good sensations, except for specific moments. The team has competed against great teams, has played very good games, has been deserving of better results, the other day fortune did not smile on us”, he explained.

the last ending. “The only thing that remains is to focus on what lies ahead, which is the last final. The last option. We go with confidence, knowing that by doing what we do we have options and what does not depend on us we do not have to focus on.”

With desire and optimism to Vitoria. “The coach, the first thing he did, was to put on a training session the day after so that we could see each other’s faces and the sadness that we had would disappear. The good moments are taken together, but the bad ones are very important to be together and solve it as a group. On Tuesday We had a day off to be with the family. Today there is only Vitoria, Alavés. Our party. I want to send a message why not, to believe. We have to believe, we know we deserve it, we have absolute communion with our fans. with all of the law to leave our lives to Mendizorroza”.

full confidence. “We are going to get to the game quite well and strong, knowing that by doing our job we have a chance of saving the category. We are going to Vitoria with a lot of confidence to try to leave Cádiz where it deserves, which is one more year in the First Division”.

The rest of the results of the day. “A match changes a lot and has many scenarios. It is inevitable to find out and looking sideways at the bench the faces say a lot, but we have to focus on ourselves and when the match is over our people look us in the face and see that we have We have left our lives behind. We have to create options to win the game, being intense, aggressive and going for them. We are risking the future of our home and our club and that is the most important thing”.

Match against Real Madrid. “Madrid’s match did not end as we wanted because the team from the beginning came out with a lot of desire and good predisposition, putting Madrid in their field, but they have a very high quality and we could only get a draw. People realized that the team is alive and we also had the need and the right to feel sad at the end of the game because for us the situation had changed with a goal from Mallorca in the 92nd minute. We have had several days to wash our heads and focus on what we had to do. Today we had a great training session and the team is gradually growing throughout the week”.