José Luis Mateo leaves his position as General Director of Monbus Obradoiro


The Monbus Obradoiro announced this Monday that José Luis Mateo will conclude his stage as General Director of the club this season, a position in which he has held the last eleven seasons since he took office in 2012 in which he has shown “professionalism and commitment”.

“The club wants to thank him for his professionalism and commitment in each of the seasons, as well as his involvement in the club’s growth since he arrived in 2012 and for being able to continue writing the history of ‘obradoirismo’ in this way. We wish him all the luck in his future professional and personal”, indicated the group of the Endesa League.

The Madrid manager thanked the club for its “full confidence”. “We have lived moments of all kinds, always in a climate of unity, and I have been able to learn a lot from each one. Compostela society is indebted to everyone,” he stressed in a statement provided by the Obradoiro.

Mateo also thanked the “dedication” of all the employees, “the coaches and other members of the coaching staff” for their “work and help in the foundation of the club’s culture” and the players “for thinking about the forward part of the shirt before the back”. “That’s why we’ve always come out ahead,” he added.

In the same way, he did not forget the sponsors because of their “absolute identification with the project” or “the entire universe of the quarry, which has grown with anonymous work that time will reward”. Nor from the media for their “respect, understanding and
diffusion” and dedicated his last words to the fans, “who make this club every day the pride of a city and for having been there when they painted rough”.

“I see the future of the club with optimism. We will see each other one day at Fontes do Sar, although I doubt that I will return with the bad food that is eaten in Galicia…”, José Luis Mateo declared ironically in his farewell.