Jorge Javier Vázquez resurrects Telecinco’s Friday night and increases viewership by 38% in one week

On Friday, May 17, 2024, Antena 3 swept the sixth gala of Your face is familiar to me, which marked 21.2%, its second best share of the season, with 1,866,000 viewers. On the contrary, Friday! It collapsed and did not even reach 9% and 754,000 viewers, obtaining its second worst historical figure. In just one week and with the announced return of Jorge Javier Vazquez to his set Deluxethis time as a star and interviewed by Santi Acosta and Beatriz Archidona, the program soars, increasing the figure to 12.2% this May 24: the philologist has injected 3.3 points, with the consequent drop of -2.6 points from its competition, although Antena 3 has its way with an unbeatable 18.6%, a figure from other times for most of the networks.

Jorge Javier Vázquez did not miss the opportunity to wink at the extinct Deluxe, the program that he presented for so many years in that same slot and that disappeared from Fridays, when the nights of the fifth day of the week changed on Telecinco. With the end of Save me and after the Deluxe A space was opened on the television schedule that now occupies the format of paid interviews with controversial figures, such as Ángel Cristo Junior, who attacked his own mother or Fran Rivera, who went so far as to say that his daughter Tana is not the fruit of love because Eugenia Martínez de Irujo and he were not in love when they conceived her.

On this occasion, the guest, Jorge Javier Vázquez, returned on Friday nights to be interviewed by his colleagues, whom, in a fun and ironic tone, he called “squatters” for replacing him as presenters on Telecinco nights. The one who was ephemeral presenter of Chinese Stories He appeared in the center of the set alone, as before, remembering those nights Deluxe how good audience data they provided at one time. The presenter said that “finally, a star”, he came to the program, in reference to how long it had taken to get him.

A big bag of quicos and connect Telecinco

“Who was going to tell me that I was going to go back to Friday nights,” he lamented. After their moment, the two presenters, from the control and not on the Telecinco set, received the dart: “Oh, look at two squatters!”, she answered between laughs. Archidona and Acosta told him that they had left the set for him because they wanted to know what he did now on Friday nights. “What I do is get on the couch, grab a big bag of knickknacks and connect Telecinco and I say how good it feels to be home on a Friday,” he replied, laughing.

“We’ve spent 13 or 14 years on many Fridays and Saturdays. So many years is complicated because in the end you lead a different life from the rest of the people and that takes its toll on you. I feel like I’m getting my life back,” reflected the Catalan. Bea Archidona He warned him that he was going to ask him about his love affairs. “Well, we’re going to finish soon,” she replied. “As I knew it was coming, I said: ‘My God, I have to invent something because I have absolutely nothing,'” she began. “There haven’t been many either. Notice that I don’t remember the last night I slept with someone,” she confessed. “For me, it’s either a crush or nothing. Since I met my ex in 2007, that has never happened to me. I thought: it’s him. He had a boyfriend, he hid it from me,” she admitted in reference to the beginning of their relationship. “He is at my house because we have operated on a greyhound on one leg. I talk to him like 10 or 12 times a day. It’s like having a boyfriend but without having sex,” she said about her current relationship with his ex.

“He tells me that what I need is a boyfriend. He is of the opinion that the couple is obsolete,” she commented. “When we broke up, I was about to premiere my second show in Madrid and one night he disappeared. We were realizing that this was not going anywhere. He disappeared and for a year we did not have any type of relationship.” He told an anecdote: “He went on tour with the show, when I left the house, the manager of the show would notify him and tell him that he had already left, so that he could go home to take care of the dogs.” They didn’t speak for a while, in which the relationship was completely non-existent and they didn’t even want to see each other.

He also narrated the moment they reconciled. “When I returned from Marrakech with the stroke and I entered the hospital, we met again. I thought: ‘It’s good that it’s in a hospital so we don’t have to talk about why we left him,'” she said. The relationship between them is now so good that they share a house.