Jorge Javier, summoned to participate in a polling station as a substitute: “I have to be at 8”

Just over a month from the end of Save me, Jorge Javier Vazquez and his collaborators do not stop throwing taunts about his current situation and his professional future on other televisions (if they receive offers). In recent months, due to the Code of Ethics of the new dome, they cannot talk about certain characters and issues related to politics on the program either.

The Badalona presenter made an exception this Tuesday and joked: “I have to talk about politics, I’m sorry. I’m going to risk it, I’m going to skip the rules, I’m going to talk about politics.” Before saying what he had in hand, he added: “I know I’m going to get into a garden, but hey, my career is done. I received the summons today.” And he has clarified, about his role at the polling station for the next regional and municipal elections on May 28: “I am second substitute. I have to be at 8 on Sunday. I’m going to go.”

However, Jorge’s moment announcing that he was going to talk about politics has generated great expectations among his colleagues. At this time, in Save me we can expect anything. They are outraged by the cancellation of their program and have been playing with their death since Mediaset confirmed its closure on Monday, May 8.

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The afternoons of Telecinco, from September, will be occupied by a new program of Ana Rosa Quintana. Mediaset, in this way, withdraws Jorge Javier’s “reds and fags” program to give a new space to the presenter, a public scourge of Pedro Sanchez. All a few months before the general elections. In the mornings it will follow the usual program, but with Joaquín Prat in front.