Jorge Javier stains Alessandro Salem’s new family Telecinco with some Chinese Stories full of spankings

There is a striking lack of coherence between television that proclaims Alessandro Salem, with its motto “With you always”, and the noble purpose of gathering the whole family in front of the television and the underwear full of spanks with which Jorge Javier Vazquez He has returned to Telecinco after his leave due to a power surge after his son Sálvame was stolen.

It is necessary to explain for those who did not see the invention that one of the moments of Chinese Stories Where eschatology stained the script the most was when the man from Badalona told, with his particular sense of humor, some of the poop in his underwear. He also recounted Jorge Javier in his first appearance after four months that during his vacation in Argentina he enjoyed sex posing as a high school teacher.

Only two months ago the president of Mediaset boasted privately about having fired Jorge Javier, arguing that everyone told him that the Catalan gave Telecinco a rude tone. But it turns out that he was not dead, he was on sick leave, shitting himself (a little) and fornicating in Argentina, as the presenter himself shared this Monday with parents, children and grandparents sitting in front of the white channel of the Salem stage, the same CEO of the quoted one who hours before Jorge Javier’s brown speech appeared at the Teatro Real in Madrid to explain that he wants to revive Telecinco as a “family” channel “without verbal violence.”

Thanks to another of the revealing confessions with which Jorge Javier watered his achinada rentrée, we know that in between his well-discussed and well-used vacations, the philologist had time to watch TV and read the critics and allologists who have commented and occupied the space from Save me. The philologist believes that they should imprison those who have perpetrated programs as boring as those that have effectively lulled us to sleep and that, by the way, have relegated Telecinco to third position behind Antena 3 and La 1.

Thank goodness that now the man from Badalona has finally arrived along with the heavyweight of Anabel Alonso and the soporific Celia Villalobos to encourage us. Susi Caramel, funny, fast and witty, it is saved from burning at times but not enough to sustain the unintelligible mess of bad taste that The TV Factory subjected us to at the premiere of its new creature, which they will have to feed a lot for it to be the day tomorrow a useful space. For example, they could educate Jin Jin, Usera’s lioness cat, the one who seems to embody the replica of Pablo Motos’ Trancas and Barrancas ants. But, unlike those on Antena 3, this stuffed animal whose mission is also to introduce uncomfortable topics and questions, is rude and ordinary.

The former contestant of Temptation Island deserves a special mention Fani Carbajo and other supposed influencers whose names I am unable to remember. His section, the most cinematic of the program, consists of going to a town in Ávila to laugh at its inhabitants. Little more to add. This Tuesday the previously banned one arrives Barbara King, We assume that with impeccable underwear, to talk once again about King Juan Carlos and whatever he wants. Pablo Motos trembles.