Jorge Javier sinks Mario Vaquerizo and Alaska in a devastating letter: “I don’t go there because I don’t feel like it”

“My family has lived through a dictatorship and now I feel identified. You can’t say what you think. We were supposed to have made a lot of progress,” he said. Mario Vaquerizo this weekend in Let yourself be loved (Telecinco). Alaska’s husband generated a great stir in networks. Jorge Javier Vazquezdeeply disappointed with him and with Alaskahas ruled on the matter through a devastating letter against both.

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“I could have remained quiet for a while longer but, as events are unfolding, the post was about to drop. So, why delay it any longer,” writes the Badalona presenter this Wednesday on his blog Lectures. And he adds: “This is the post that is going to cost me the most to write because of what its protagonists: Alaska and Mario have meant in my life. To give you an idea: when I was studying BUP I had my folder lined with photographs of the singer” .

However, the communicator leaves feelings aside to show his opinion openly. First of all, he lashes out at the singer for collaborating on the Federico Jimenez Losantos on esRadio: “Wow, Mario. Do you think we can’t say what we think? So it seems that you rarely listen to your wife sharing a microphone with a being whose only known virtue is spewing falsehoods and accusing false crimes with the same ease that the EuroMillions numbers are dictated”.

In this sense, he adds: “[Alaska colabora] with a being that has very little to do with the ideals that both you and she support (…) And me, like so many others, It hurts us to see Alaska in that circle.. A pain that even borders on disappointment.”

He also pokes Mario for his support for the Popular Party: “These people who have been cheering you on unconditionally for the past few years, We are fed up with the fact that you compadrees in such a shameless way with representatives of a party that opposes the achievement of rights and freedoms that have to do with women and the LGTBI+ collective: abortion, marriage, trans”.

It must be remembered that Vaquerizo is an open supporter of Isabel Diaz Ayuso. Recently, in fact, she starred in a campaign for the Community of Madrid, which ended up going viral and at the center of a wave of memes.

Regarding his support for Ayuso, Jorge says about it: “Let’s be disappointed, Mario (…) I don’t go there because I don’t feel like it. If this is about to look like a dictatorship, it is because the president and her colleagues promote a morality very close to that time that you criticized in Let yourself be loved“.

The Mediaset communicator gloats against Vaquerizo and returns to the charge against Alaska for his work with Losantos: “I have run out of arguments to defend youjust as I no longer have a reason to hold on to understanding Alaska working with one of the biggest hate mongers in this country.”

In this sense, the presenter adds, disappointed: “This Alaska has nothing to do with the Alaska that I loved. Because every time Alaska laughs at that guy or remains silent in the face of some of his nonsense, many of his followers receive a host of reality and we ask ourselves devastated: ‘Baby, how could you do this to me? I, who would have loved you until the end’“.

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Jorge’s sentence against both is final: “In the same way that Mario and Alaska feel free to embrace those who promote involution and contempt for diversity, I cannot fall into the biggest mistake that according to Mario we are making lately: self-censoring“.

Jorge Javier Vázquez continues to run his blog in this weekly magazine, where he has absolute freedom when it comes to writing what he thinks. At Mediaset, on the other hand, he has had to accept with resignation the Code of Ethics of the new leadership, which in recent weeks has not allowed talking about politics in entertainment programs and about certain characters such as Rocio Carrasco, rose benedict, Chayo Mohedano, Glory Camilla, Ortega Cano o Kiko Rivera.

Nevertheless, Save me This new measure has already been ‘skipped’. Presenters and contributors have used terms like “Isa Pi’s brother” and have also talked about some political issues like taxes. After all, “As much as it weighs on us, in life everything is political. Everything, and there is no other”Jorge confessed on his show.